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23 April 2014

Aggreko powers Izmit Bay Bridge construction

Istanbul, Turkey: Aggreko, the world leader in the provision of interim power generation and temperature control services has been awarded contracts to provide supplementary power to Turkey’s landmark infrastructure project, the Izmit Bay Bridge. The project, 50 km southeast of Istanbul, will be the world’s fourth longest suspension bridge when complete and will form the centrepiece of a new, state-of-the-art highway system linking Izmit and Istanbul.

Aggreko will supply 8.6 MW of back-up power across the entire project to the site operations of IHI Holding, the Japanese construction company leading the project. The Aggreko installation will allow construction to continue without delay as well as ensure all critical safety systems and processes remain operational in the event of any disruption from the local grid supply.

“Aggreko is well-known for their high quality service and reliable generators. We were delighted they could provide us with a complete solution and offer the flexibility to rapidly increase our power supply as and when needed. The equipment is fuel efficient and Aggreko’s customer service is top-notch”, commented, Umit Kaymaz, Deputy Manager of Administration, IHI Infrastructure Systems.

The bridge is also being built in an area prone to seismic activity, so a complex pylon design is being employed to make it earthquake-resistant. The pylons are built into concrete foundations that will sit on a layer of gravel on the seabed. This design will insulate and protect the structure in the event of an earthquake.

To ensure this part of the project runs without interruption, Aggreko is supplying 2 MW of power to Sezai Türkeş Feyzi Akkaya İnşaat A.S (STFA) to run the pumps and other dredging activities associated with submerging the caissons used to fix the pylons in place at depths of up to 40 meters below sea level. In order to bring the high capacity and reliable power supply directly to the off-shore construction site, the Aggreko equipment is being mounted on tugboats.

“STFA has a long history of working with Aggreko. We are satisfied with their speed of delivery and strong business ethics. The time frames of this project were critical as the caissons needed to be submerged as per the schedule without any delays, be the delays be due to unexpected causes or equipment failures,” commented Bahadir Imirzaloglu, Project Manager, STFA. “Aggreko’s reliable power allowed the project to be delivered on schedule and we are very happy with the services provided to us.”

Izmit Bay Bridge Construction

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