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All over the world, buildings get built with the help of Aggreko.

We provide:

  • Contractor power prior to utility connection at consturction sites
  • Redundant model home power
  • Crane and welding power for high-rise buildings
  • Accelerated concrete drying
  • Concrete cooling during mixing to expand the delivery window
  • Power and dry air for disaster recovery following storms or floods

The Aggreko Difference

We believe in offering our customers only the best. The most experienced, dedicated technicians and a fleet of equipment that is purpose-built for rental.

Rapid Availablity

One of the main reasons our customers come to us is that we can do the job faster than anyone else. We can do this because we have the world’s largest rental power and temperature control fleet, based in over 190 service centres strategically positioned to support our customers.Our equipment is standardised to allow easy and rapid mobilisation by land, sea or air.

Guaranteed Reliability

Because we work in some of the most remote and hostile locations in the world, we ensure every piece of equipment designed and assembled in our ISO900:2008 accredited facility in the UK is purpose-built for rental applications. With over 50 years of experience in designing, commissioning and operating temporary power and temperature control systems, we truly believe that our reliability sets us apart from the competition.

Our modular equipment allows us to quickly increase or decrease the amount of power or temperature control depending on what you need at the time.

Turn-key Service

From assessment of need, mobilisation, installation, commissioning and operation to decommissioning and even fuel management, Aggreko does it all.

24/7 Support

Our equipment and technicians are always on call to provide you with reliable support, no matter when you need it.

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