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This site has existed since December 2013. It should be easy for anyone to use, whatever their method of internet access.

Our website has been developed using standards compliant HTML and CSS. No frames have been used in the design of this website. Tables have been used to show tabular data, but never used for layout purposes.

Our style sheets should accommodate any browser, however the site is optimised for browsers that adhere to the W3C web standards.

Text Size
All text has a relative font size which means that you may resize the text at any time if you want to.

Standards Compliance
All templates on this site are WCAG AA approved, meeting all Priority 1 and 2 checkpoints and some Priority 3 checkpoints. All templates on this site use structured semantic markup and validate as XHTML Strict 1.0.

Navigation Aids
For those using screen readers there is the option to skip past the navigation to the content on each page. Link text is written to make sense out of context. Many links have title attributes to describe the links in greater detail. Links open in the same window with the exception of links to PDF and Word documents, and links to external sites – which open in new windows.

Access Keys
We don't use access keys. The Nomensa's article entitled "Why access keys don't work" explains why we don't.

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